Harry Reid Invokes Nuclear Option

Reid’s ‘nuclear option’ changes rules, ends repeat filibusters

By Alexander Bolton – 10/06/11 07:01 PM ET

In a shocking development Thursday evening, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) triggered a rarely used procedural option informally called the “nuclear option” to change the Senate rules.

The Democratic leader had become fed up with Republican demands for votes on motions to suspend the rules after the Senate had voted to end a filibuster.

Reid said these motions, which do not need unanimous consent, amount to a second-round filibuster after the Senate has voted to move to final passage of a measure.

The Senate voted 51-48 to back Reid and overturn the Senate precedent. Sen. Ben Nelson (Neb.) was the only Democrat to vote against his leader.

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56 Responses to Harry Reid Invokes Nuclear Option

  1. Charles Kent says:

    Being from MS, I think Senator Cocrhan will probably retie after this term, either voluntary or involuntary after this vote.


  3. Lone Eagle says:

    Those are NOT Republicans, they are RINOs.

    Remember their names in November 2012. Send them packing……..if we still can.

    • Neal R Wooley says:

      RINOs they are… been there way to long, and have been drinking the liberal koolaid. ANY republican that even hints of agreeing with obamavich is off my ballot.

    • Gouchybear says:

      Lone Eagle – the way things are looking there won’t be an election in 2012. The Wall Street protest that is spreading across the country is said to be part of obama’s plan to declare martial law and TRY to confiscate our firearms. It’ll never happen, but he’ll try anyway. God Bless America…God Save the Republic!!

      • Gouchybear, I think you have the right of it. I have been espousing the theory of the Reichstagg Fire for months now. I will be very surprised if we actually make it to the elections of 2012. I pray that I am wrong. Ditto to God Bless America…God Save the Republic!

  4. spaceweasel says:

    What’s wrong with the people of Nevada? Why do they let such filth pollute our country? Will they ever wake up, and come to their senses?

    • Woodman says:

      Probably not,, They are just like the dings from NY, Calf., and Il. They just keep doing the same thing every year. We could give Calf back to Mexico, and NY back to the Indians then build a fence around IL.

    • Gail Cohen says:

      Because his son owned the voting machines and they bussed in illegals – the election was fixed

  5. Don Rosenberg says:

    Well we now have a very concise list of RINO senators to defeat in their next elections.

    The good news is that when we have a bare majority in the Senate in 2013 we’ll be able to pull the same trick on them and get more accomplished to roll back some of the crap that has been going on…

    • MGUYH8 says:

      Don…that is good news if conservatives actually control the House and the Senate in 2013. Unfortunately, when the Republicans owned the House and the Senate before, they were afraid to be involved in such tactics. Why do you think it will be different this time?


    Congress has done nothing to find the facts and truth about Obama. WE THE PEOPLE must demand that Congress do what the Democrat Party failed to do.

    If Obama is allowed to continue to destroy this nation it will be the fault of WE THE PEOPLE. I hope this message will start a grassroots movement to force out the truth about Obama. We need to demand documentation for his kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records. Some of these records will likely expose the fact that he is a Muslim and was born in Kenya. His own grandmother said she was witness to his birth in Mombasa, Kenya. Obama spent almost 2 million dollars to bury the facts in secrecy. Demand from Congress that we find out what he was hiding!

    Every Republican and all Democrats who are real Americans and wish to remain a voice in the political life of this country must demand that the above questions be answered, finally! Once we have in hand the proof that he is an interloper, an imposter and an inveterate liar, we will have in hand the proof that Obama is not eligible. It is then up to the states to issue a recall and nullify not only his candidacy but all the communist cronies he turned into czars, Supreme court justice Elena Kagan, Eric Holder who has turned out to be a liar and anti-white black bigot like his master Obama, but also throw out every law or statute passed under his rule. By thus filing criminal charges of fraud and numerous failures to uphold our Constitution, we would undo much of the harm done by Obama. This is better than impeachment since that would leave his time bombs of destruction in place – ObamaCare would be a matter for the history books. A successful criminal case against Obama would wipe the slate clean and we would get our country back. Frauds and plots such Obama’s Fast and Furious fiasco, the Sol

    Once we hold thorough investigations of how the Democrats forced ObamaCare upon the American people against our will, The Community Reinvestment Act which forced banks into granting mortgages to people who were likely unable to meet monthly payments (this is exactly what is behind our financial collapse), the irresponsible actions of Fanny Mai and Freddy Mac, the Fast and Furious fiasco, the Green Energy mess, the Solyndra affair, the stealing from GM to redistribute their wealth to Obama’s union supporters, the extortion of twenty billion dollars from BP even after they had agreed to make good all losses (and was that just a slush fund for Obama?), we will find that the Obama regime is an “Organized Crime Ring.” Why has Congress allowed Obama to spend more than all presidents since George Washington? They have been remiss of their duties yet they continue to collect their salaries and vote in raises for themselves. The MILLION MAN MARCH that I propose must make it clear to the puppets in Washington that any one of them, regardless of party, that fails to get to the truth and take immediate action will never hold office again or will face recall.


    • Pat says:


    • Scott says:

      This is already in the works. The 9th Circuit Court has ruled by dicta that a current presidential candidate would have standing to force Barry (i mean Obama) to produce the records needed to prove his eligibility. The problem is, he cannot produce anything that will show him eligible, it is impossible. We have one Presidential candidate, registered with the FEC in all 50 states, who is excercising this ruling to force the eligibility issue. His name is John Dummett.
      Not only do we have the definition from section 212 of the “Law of Nations” which the founding fathers used to shape the Constitution, we also have the written record of the 1st US Congress (Naturalization Act of 1790) that specifically defines NBC. We also have SCOTUS precedence in Minor vs. Happerset. All of these items defines NBC as a citizen who, at their birth, had TWO CITIZEN PARENTS.

      This means that in order for BHO to be a NBC, both his father and his mother must have been US citizens (either naturalized or NBC) at the moment that he popped out of his mother’s womb. As he has written in his book, his father WAS NOT a US Citizen when he was born. Therefore, BHO’s own testimony proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he is inelligible to be POTUS. His entire administration will be nullified and it will prove that the entire Congress has violated their Oath of Office.

      This comment has been edited. We do not allow for solicitations for donations, money bombs, etc for candidates. You MAY post a website of preferred candidate, you may request volunteers, other than that…


    Obama is acting as a real dictator in that he is mostly governing against the will of the people. With the help of ACORN, dead voters, the New Black Panther Party, union thugs and the likely feeling among blacks that they will not stand for dethroning the first black president, two things can happen. One, these hoods could so threaten whites that they will be afraid to vote come Election Day, or two, they could instigate so much rioting in the streets that it would give Obama a reason to cancel the 2012 election. Our best preemptive strike is to take Obama to court on a whole list of charges or impeach Obama well before the 2012 election.
    By Jack J. Morris aka Dr. J. Knowname, author of UNTROUBLING A TROUBLED WORLD – PEACE 4 EVER. The book contains solutions to most national and world problems. Dr. J. Knowname knows better than the Shadow knows! See end-irs.org or tea4lowertax.org

  8. Ellis William Venia Jr says:

    Portman can go too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robert Neeley Sr. says:

      I don’t understand why Portman voted for it , He just recently go elected. Sessions is another one that I am confused about — They have been pretty straight before!!

  9. Felix McDaniel says:

    Senators Shelby and Sessions would NEVER vote for this Bulls**t coup. Please refrain from maligning their names and dishonoring the Great State of Alabama. Our Senators are good, loyal conservatives. And, if I were you, I would re-read your posting versus The Hill’s. A 51-48 vote means 49 Demonicrats and two left-leaning Socialist Independents versus 1 Demonicrat plus 47 Republicans.

  10. Buck says:

    All democrats are filthy gross scum but Reid is second only to Obama for sheer putrid filth . Nevadens have got to be the lowest form of life on earth for EVER putting this gross disgusting scum in office to begin with much less to keep re-electing it .

  11. John S says:

    Nothing here to see or hear. Those who used to be awake are now back to sleep or watching X Factor. Have a good night and wake up to communism in the morning.

  12. Gouchybear says:


  13. mickey davis says:

    These elected dummies should not even be in local Govt. let alone in Washington.It is beyond sad.

  14. howiem says:

    This information is incorrect. In the senate there are 51 Democrats, 47 Republicans and 2 Independents.If 12 Republicans voted with Reid, the final vote would have been 63 Democrats for and 35 Republicans against. I do not disagree that those listed above are RINOs, and all of the RINOs should be replaced in 2012, however, those who write articles for this web site should get their information right – google reid nuclear option and reead the Washington Times story.

    • Mellie says:

      I did say at the bottom that I missed a few names that voted for this….there were 1 or 2 others that were named in the RADIO report that i heard, but didn’t catch them.
      will look for the exact list TODAY…

      • Mellie says:

        Those numbers came from the Hill. The names of the Senators I posted were written down as Mark Levin called them out on his radio show last night.

        I also think I read somewhere this a.m. that is was the notorious “Gang of 14″ that voted for this…

        • howiem says:

          I think you should take another look at the Hill article you linked to. Mark Levin is usually right on but if he said that, then he might have been talking about something else.

      • Robert Neeley Sr. says:

        I also believe that you are wrong about this post and that you should give us a true posting — not what you heard on the radio!!!

  15. Bob Russell says:

    Here we find the “ususal suspects” siding with tyrants. The people of these states need to get on the job and get them out. The surprising thing to me is that most of them are southern republicrats. I understand the New England liberals but southern traitors surprises me.

  16. Paul says:

    Hey bonehead, We do not want this trash in the U.S. Senate. He got back in due to voter fraud. When the election started and the days leading up to it, he was 6 points behind, and then on election day………….. you guessed it, he won by ten points and nobody seems to be able to explain it. We can. He cheated.

  17. George McClellan says:

    Where’s McCain?

  18. Shirley Cameron says:

    Nevada is dominated by the unions, need I say more???? Sharon Angle should
    have won the last election there and sent Harry Reid packing but the unions control the voting machines and you can take it from there! Chicago politics

  19. DaveP326 says:

    When the democrats are in control, and they use the nuclear option, it’s OK; but when the republicans are a majority and tTHEY use the nuclear option, it suddenly becomes dirty politics. Pardon me if I don’t lose any sleep over it – the democrats wanted it that way. Boo- Hoo.

  20. Carl Fisher says:

    The term RINO’s is getting to be a poor fit. They should be called history.

  21. Vieja says:

    Don’t blame ALL Nevadans for this scourge Reid. We have been trying for years to get him out. Unfortunately, he’s an expert at stealing elections.

  22. Rocketman says:

    How can all those Republicans have voted for this when there are only 100 senators, and Nelson a democrat voted against it. The vote was 51-48, the numbers do not add up. Please someone explain. Aren’t there only 47 Republican senators? That means there would have been only 36 against including Nelson, meaning the vote was 64-36- what gives?

  23. SamF says:

    At the rate things are going behind the scenes, it is a high probability that Marshall law will be in place before the elections.
    These scum of the earth will stop at NOTHING to stay in power. Then NEVER saw it coming last November. They got their butts singed and didn’t like it. They won’t let that happen again. George Soros has his master plan, and the TEA Party doesn’t fit into it, staunch Conservatives don’t fit into it, fence sittin’ dumbocraps don’t fit into it, truth spoutin’ media don’t fit into it, an open internet doesn’t fit into it. Just watch. Each of these that don’t fit in will be brought to their knees by the thugs who work for the REAL president of the US, George Soros.

  24. Good point Don. Notice how it was snuck in without anyone knowing what was going on.

  25. kevinbsnyder says:

    Actually NO Republicans voted for it. All 51 “yes” votes were Democrats

  26. PaPatriot says:

    It’s time to repeal the XVII th amendment and give election of members of the Senate back to the States’ legislatures.
    It’s also time to establish term limits for both the Senate and the House members.

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  28. Thomas Lee says:

    Reid is on a roll and making the best oif it. Just wait and watch his actions if, the republicans do win the senate. He will moan, groan, and cry like a baby when he can not have the final say. have you watched his face and actions when he is up to his skulldrudgey? He has reached the point of nothingness as far as I am concerned. The people from his great state can have him. If there was voter fraud, where are the investigationsHe may be more vunerable than he thinks.You do not know until you try.

  29. Let’s pass a law that removes President Obama and all Democrats from office. After it becomes law, THEY can figure out what is in it.

    I believe that the republic is in danger like we have not seen since the Civil War.

  30. lisalibertylover says:

    Come quickly, Nov 2012!

  31. JOE HAVANAS says:


  32. JOE HAVANAS says:


  33. JOE HAVANAS says:

    thanks for nothing, just like the democrats and OBAMA

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